Public Engagement

Science and, more generally, the STEM disciplines do not exist in a vacuum and underpin, in some way, the overwhelming majority of our day-to-day activities. We all then have a stake in British research, but we are not all literate in science. This is a great shame, especially given how much of science is publicly funded.

Scientists can, and some argue should, help improve the general public’s understanding of science. If that sounds like you, or if you are looking to develop skills for a future career move, please peruse the opportunities below.

Project grants 

Name Funding Projects funded Eligibility
Wellcome Trust public engagement fund £25-000-£3million

Up to 3 years

Projects that focus on health Individuals and institutions
Biochemical Society scientific outreach grants Up to £1000 Supports molecular bioscience outreach


Royal Society of Biology regional grant scheme Up to £500 To help run an outreach event Society members
European Society for Evolutionary Biology outreach initiative €1000-£1500 Projects that promote evolutionary biology  
Society for Endocrinology public engagement grant Up to £1000 Endocrinology focused events Society members and public engagement professionals
British Society for the History of Science special projects grants £50-£1500 Events that promote history and societal impact of science (all disciplines) Society members
The Physiological Society public engagement grants Up to £5000 Physiology themed events
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