Past events

April 15-18 2018

This years career’s event focused on “building resilience and overcoming obstacles”. 18 of the anniversary meeting’s star studded line up of speakers kindly lead 3 roundtable discussions on a plethora of topics pertinent to a career in academia. Find out who spoke and what they thought were important issues here. A complete selection of photos of the event can be accessed here.

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We also held a student and postdoc social. This year’s attendees were randomly divided into groups and challenged to build models of any one of 5 themes (fertilisation, plant development, somitogenesis, cell-fate determination and evo-devo), helped along by an open bar. Megan Davey and Rita Sousa-Nunes judged the competition but had a hard time choosing winners since the models were excellent. Prizes were donated from Abcam, Class Learning, Proteintech, Philosophical Transactions B and Biographical Memoirs, The Company of Biologists, Stratech, 2BScientific and Indigo Scientific. We took lots of photos, so please search for yourself here!

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2018 Writing Competition

As part of the BSDB 70th anniversary celebrations, we initiated a writing competition where first prize was a free trip to and attendance of the 77th Annual Society of Developmental Biology meeting (Portland, Oregon, USA). Katherine Brown, Aidan Maartens, Ottoline Leyser and Jonathan Slack judged the competition, selecting Daniyal Jafree as the winner. You can read his winning essay here.

April 2nd-5th 2017

We held roundtable discussions at the annual spring meeting in Warwick (joint with the BSCB and GenSoc) for careers within and outside academia. Table leaders covered everything from patent law to getting a fellowship. We also held a graduate student and postdoc symposium, a student and postdoc social and a “meet the speaker” drinks event.

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April 10th-13th 2016

At the Annual Spring Meeting in Warwick (joint with the BSCB), we held roundtable discussions during our careers event, “meet the speaker” science breakfasts, a graduate student symposium and a student and postdoc social. Our report can be found here, and ‘s review, here.

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