Careers Workshop Resources 2019

We organised the career workshop of 2019 such that everyone would have the opportunity to discuss different potential career paths with representatives of those paths acting as table leaders.

With large discussion and debate surrounding the idea of ‘leaving academia’, (just google it!) , we decided to organise this event largely focused on non-academic careers to show attendees what else they can do with their PhD or experience as a Postdoc.

Even as an organiser, floating between tables, I found this a hugely useful and motivational event. But we know, that free notepad you jotted all the important advice in tends to go walkabout after a few months, and then you’re left relying on what you can remember.

So we have put together some resources summarising the main discussion points from each of the tables. We hope these prove useful to those contemplating what next to do within their career.

A reminder of our table leaders, who kindly agreed to attend the workshop and share their advice and expertise. Thank you again to all table leaders who helped this event become such a success.

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