Career Stories

This page collates career stories from developmental biologists who have stayed in academia. We hope that their stories will show you the diversity within the field and help you make informed choices about your own careers.

Rita Sousa-NunesCancer Research UK Career Development Fellow, King’s College London 

“My choices have always sought to integrate my professional and personal lives. This includes adventure, choosing a place I imagine enjoying living in, with opportunities for things I like to do outside the lab, compatible with key relationships, and that stretches me on both realms.  I had originally envisioned doing a PhD in the UK and a post-doc in New York. However, by the time I was searching for post-docs my personal circumstances led me to remain in London.” Read more …

Erik Clark, Research Associate, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

“At one year into my first postdoc, I hope that I am still towards the beginning of my scientific career. So far, I have just followed where my interests took me as they changed and developed over time, and am fortunate that they led me on a good route.” Read more …

Emilia Favuzzi, Postdoctoral Associate, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Medical School

“I am a young developmental neurobiologist and, over the years, I have become conscious that motivation, passion and drive are key for anyone planning on doing academic research. Everything else – like dedication or perseverance – will naturally come with it.” Read more …

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