Science Communication

Do you enjoy talking and/or writing? Then science communication may be for you. Although careers range from professional journalism to medical liaison officers in Big Pharma, most internship and secondment opportunities for academics are in media roles. Such internships are mainly aimed at graduate students to help them gain transferable skills and offer first hand experience in (science communication) careers outside academia. Check out the opportunities below…


Opportunity  Details Eligibility Reviewed by
GenSoc internship at Naked Scientists 2 months paid PhD students Alexandra Ashcroft
British Science Association media fellowships Mentoring, 2-6 wk placement, visit to British Science Festival Practising scientists (inc. PhD students).
Richard Casement internship at the Economist 3 months paid at £2000/month PhD students
AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship Funded ($500/wk) 10 wk placement at media org. Students

US citizens

Internship at the Scientist Remote work. $2000/month for 4 months University graduates


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