This website was developed based on feedback from student and postdoc members of the BSDB who wished for more careers support, especially for non-academic careers.

We’ve created a section to help you navigate a successful academic career. Eminent developmental biologists are sharing their career stories to elucidate the rationale behind their decisions. Similarly, society members have provided snapshot timelines to demonstrate the multitudes of routes to running your own group. We are most excited about our funding lists for postdoctoral research, starting your own group or PhD studentships. These lists are unique in that successful members of our society have offered themselves up as “advisors” to the community. They will answer questions about the process of a given application. Such a supportive spirit is one of the reasons the BSDB is such a great community!

For those of you looking to leave academia, developmental biologists who have left the field have shared their career stories to show the breadth of what’s possible, and how to get there. We’ll also be highlighting the transferable skills uniquely gained in developmental biology – follow us to watch this space!

We really hope that this site is useful for you. Please do send us any feedback you may have and let us know if there is anything else we can do to enhance your BSDB experience. Please get in touch if you think your career story would be of benefit to the community.

Your reps,

Alex (students@bsdb.org) and Michelle (postdocs@bsdb.org)