Postdoctoral research

This is a list of fellowships, suitable for recent PhD graduates in developmental biology, to fund postdocs within and outside the UK. This list will be updated as Brexit unfolds and new eligibility requirements arise. The majority of the eligibility requirements exclude career breaks. If you are unsure whether or not you can apply just email the funding body to ask.

Uniquely, developmental biologists, successful for a given award, have kindly agreed to act as advisors for the application process. Please only contact them for questions that aren’t answered on the funding body’s website.

If you have been successful with one of the fellowships below and want to help grow our supportive community, please contact us. Similarly, please let us know if we have missed an award that you feel would be suitable.

Institution-specific fellowships

Name Eligibility Length of fellowship Institution Advisor
Herschel Smith 3 years postdoc. PhD not at Cambridge or Harvard 2 -3 years University of Cambridge  Sofia Otero
Junior Research Fellowship 2 years postdoc 4 years King’s College (University of Cambridge)

National fellowships

Name Eligibility Length of fellowship Advisor(s)
L’Oréal UK and Ireland Fellowships For Women in Science Females. 10 year postdoc 1 year
The Daphne Jackson Trust 2 or more years career break 2 years part time
Sir Henry Wellcome 2 years postdoc 4 years  Sophie Morgani
Research Fellowships – The Leverhulme Trust Post PhD 3-12 months
Research Career Re-entry Fellowships – Wellcome Trust At least 2 years postdoc and  2 year continuous career break Up to 4 years Sara Morais da Silva
Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship 6 years postdoc max 5 years Amanda Sferruz-Perri
Immediate Postdoctoral Basic Science Research Fellowships – British Heart Foundation 2 years postdoc max 4 years
Newton International Fellowships Non-British and working outside UK. No more than 7 years postdoc 2 years Joanna Rakoczy
Axa fellowships 3 years postdoc max 1.5 – 2 years
Human Frontiers Science Programme Long Term Fellowships 3 years postdoc max. Must have got PhD outside UK 3 years

Fellowships outside the UK

Name Eligibility Country Length of fellowship Advisor(s)
European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) Long-Term Fellowships 2 years postdoc max Must go to country other than where obtained PhD 2 years Jorge Beira
Marie Curie Actions Individual Fellowships – European At least 4 years postdoc Must travel to an EU country or move within europe 1 – 2 years
Marie Curie Actions Individual Fellowships – European EU researcher with at least 4 years postdoc Must go from EU to a non EU country 3 years