An introduction to the BSDB graduate representative, Jessica Forsyth (2018-present)

I thought I would introduce myself as the (not so) new BSDB graduate representative. I am taking over from Alexandra Ashcroft and making sure our needs, as graduate students, are met by the BSDB, both at conferences and additional meetings. I also hope to continue Alexandra and Michelle’s fantastic work on our website and to help support you throughout your career, whether you decide to stay in academia or not.

A little about me and where I have come from. I am currently in my second year of my PhD (Wellcome Trust Quantitative and Biophysical Biology), and from the title you might suspect that in fact I am not a pure developmental biologist! I completed my Masters of Physics in Physics with Medical Physics, and have chosen to dive into the rapidly expanding field of developmental biology for my PhD.

My first conference was the BSDB Spring 2018 meeting, and I was amazed at how many of the speakers described their need for mathematicians or physicists within their research. I truly felt welcomed by the field and was so excited to start on the BSDB committee to help reflect the need for cross disciplinary work.

I am now working with Berenika Plusa and looking at differentiation within the ICM of pre-implantation embryos. To assist our analyses and join together the spatial and temporal components of development, I am working with Simon Cotter to develop a programme to allow the ‘matching’ of cells across different imaging techniques.

I hope that we will continue to develop the career based advice on our website and direct you to this through our Twitter, Facebook, and website (you’re here already!). As well as the career focus on our website, we hope these platforms will act as a place for young researchers to communicate and develop their networks through a relatively informal setting.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you over the next few years, if you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me on (or tweet me!). Keep checking back for more blog posts, career stories, interesting science and events.


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